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Spiritual Meditation

Are you looking to achieve major change in your physical, emotional and mental selves? Then it is important that you focus within yourself, slow down the pace of your life and develop a strong awareness about yourself. Unplugging from the fast changing energies of the external world may take some time but active effort in this direction will help you to achieve this goal. By listening to your mind and body, you can learn to reap the benefits of spiritual meditation and connect with a deep and eternal source of knowledge inside of you.




What Is Spiritual Meditation?

Before you start practicing spiritual meditation, you must develop a clear idea of what it is. The goal of spiritual meditation is to help you develop a clearer and deeper understanding of who you really are. Most of us go through our lives carrying numerous wrong perceptions about ourselves that we derive from the external world. While these perceptions allow us to make some sense of the outside world, they hardly make things easier for us when we want to know ourselves intimately or achieve better understanding of our fellowmen. By practicing spiritual meditation, you can learn about yourself in an intimate manner and achieve heightened sense of peace and joy. A strong feeling of love and inspiration fills up your whole being.
Through spiritual meditation, you can realize the importance of the eternal truth as well as develop the inner strength to let go of your attachments. When you lose your attachments from any outcomes, you can live in the present moment and find solace in your being. People who have a strong yearning for spiritual meditation usually experience a deep longing to think and see beyond the day to day chaotic world that usually surrounds people.

The Technique of Spiritual Meditation

Finding a proper place for meditation

The first thing that you need to do is find a proper place where you can perform spiritual meditation without getting disturbed in any way. You should choose a place that allows you to be comfortable and yet alert. Make sure that the place is relatively quiet and peaceful so that you are not distracted by noises. You can also choose an outdoor or open space that is filled with greenery and natural sounds like the chirping of birds. One thing you need to remember is that spiritual meditation can induce sleep in you quickly. Hence it is important that you remain super alert during the actual practice. You can sit in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana during the process. Alternatively, you can also stand up, walk or sit on the chair as you perform this meditation.

Experiencing the meditative process

Most of us tend to plan things in advance and consciously stick to a definite procedure while completing a task. However, this is not the right way to follow when you are looking to meditate. You need to relax, let go of all the preconceived notions and then allow the meditative experience to follow in its own way. It is important that you become a passive observer or spectator during the meditative process. Do not have any fixed ideas or expectations about the outcome and allow it to flow naturally.

Developing a non-reactionary mental state

One of the pressing problems that many people face while they are trying to meditate is that they find random thoughts bombarding them and making it difficult to achieve calmness. The problem we all face in our walking life is that we are always focusing on new data, information and words from the news, social media and any person we communicate with in our waking lives. This often leads to a highly chaotic mind. Therefore when you look to meditate you will find that such thoughts coming back to you without you having any control over the process. It is important that you do not react to such thoughts and let them pass you by. In this way, you can develop a calmness that can help you to enjoy the benefits of spiritual meditation.

Cultivate a prayer

Another way of boosting the results of your spiritual meditation is to come up with a unique prayer that holds meaning for you. The prayer may not have any relation to religious ideas or concepts. You can choose any phrase or word that can help you to focus your mind and achieve total calmness. Focus your attention on your breathing as you inhale and exhale. While you may find thoughts creeping up your mind, you can use the prayer to bring your focus back to its original position.

Reflecting on your inner being

The whole point of meditation is to raise your awareness about yourself. Hence it is vital that you focus your attention in your inner being. You should focus on staying fully calm while you observe the vibrations in your body and mind. As you do this, you can attain a strong sense of relaxation and calmness. As you get the hold of it, you can even have complete mastery over your thought process.

Spiritual Meditation Benefits

There are the main benefits of spiritual meditation.
Spiritual meditation can help you to release and let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions
You can also attain complete peace by letting go of all negative feelings and emotions of the past
It allows you to relax your body’s nervous system so that you can get rid of stress
Spiritual meditation allows you to understand yourself and develop deep self knowledge
It can empower you from within so that you can achieve higher consciousness
You can develop a strong sense of love for yourself and other people around you
Spiritual meditation also allows you to develop a strong bond with the natural world and you feel deep gratitude for the plant world, the minerals, the animals and all creations of nature
This meditative technique can help you to develop awareness of the spiritual dimensions
So once you have decided to achieve a better understanding of yourself, make sure that you master the techniques of spiritual meditation.

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