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Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga can be described as a form of yoga often included with yoga courses in Kolkata that includes multiple postures that are stringed together that helps you to move easily from one posture to another using breath. It is often referred to as the “flow” yoga and confused with the concept of “power yoga“. Vinyasa classes can present you with numerous postures of which no two classes function or look alike.  Such a variable nature of the Vinyasa Yoga can help in developing a balanced body and prevent any kind of repetitive motion injuries which can affect you provided you always do the same movements every day.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga


Vinyasa Yoga Philosophy

When it comes to philosophy, the Vinyasa yoga recognizes the transitory or temporary nature of all things. Therefore we perform a particular posture, then remain in it for some time and finally leave. Although Vinyasa, or the Vinyasa-Karma goes back to Vedic age which is the earliest era of yoga many thousands of years before, the discipline referred to a sequence of steps or series that can make something sacred. The Vinyasa movement and practice is believed to have started with T Krishnamacharya, a man who had the most important influence on the way yoga methods in general are practiced today. Vinyasa is mainly a breath-initiated practice which can connect each and every action that we perform in our lives with the sole intention of approaching what is sacred and most important to all of us.

Health benefits

Improves the functioning of the immune system
When you have a strong immune system, it can protect you from all kinds of diseases. This is something that you can achieve with Vinyasa Yoga. This form of yoga can relax your mind and body and get rid of all signs of stress, tension and anxiety that can negatively impact the immune system. With Vinyasa Yoga, you can enhance the functioning of the lymphatic system so that all toxic elements are removed from your body.
It can assist in enhancing body strength
If you are looking to build body strength, you should definitely practice Vinyasa yoga on a regular basis. This can enhance the core strength of your body and build up the lean muscles. Vinyasa yoga can also help in resistance workout and body balance by introducing you to different kinds of postures like inversions, backbends and arm balances. All the muscles in your body can get powerful toning with Vinyasa Yoga.
Improves the flexibility of your body
The muscles of your body can stiffen over time with lack of proper physical exercise and a lethargic way of life. This can lead your body to lose its inherent fluidity which can lead to painful sensations when you move. By practicing Vinyasa yoga, you can restore efficient functioning of your muscles and bones. The movements associated with Vinyasa yoga can strengthen and stretch your muscles. This can naturally increase the fluidity of your body. The great thing about Vinyasa yoga is that it synchronizes your breathing with every pose so that fresh oxygen can reach your muscles and rejuvenate them. As the muscles are steadily flexed, you can feel that the pressure exerted on the ligaments and joints are released. This prevents injuries that may affect your muscles. With Vinyasa yoga, you can also develop a flexible mindset that can help you to enhance your physical fluidity practically at any age.
Have a nice and peaceful sleep
Vinyasa yoga can improve your sleeping if you have difficulty in having proper sleep. You can switch to Vinyasa yoga from your medications as this can help you to have deep sleep at all times. This form of yoga can relax your mind and body which can help in improving sleeping patterns.
It can help in beating stress
Vinyasa Yoga can help in syncing your mind, body and feelings so that they align perfectly with each other. Since it teaches you to focus on your breathing, you can remove all random thinking and negativity. This can induce a deep state of relaxation in your nervous system and remove anxiety completely. Instead of focusing on external stimulus, you get to turn your attention to inner rhythms that can bring peace and remove stress.
Guarantees a healthy heart
Through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga, you can attain perfect alignment of your mind, body and spirit. This can reduce your high blood pressure and minimize your chances of cardiac arrest. The reduced levels of stress along with minimized blood pressure can actually help you to enhance your heart health. The steps associated with Vinyasa Yoga can reduce cholesterol levels and burn excess calories. When you have a healthy heart, you can also stay relaxed and get rid of all signs of anxiety.
It enhances body posture
Practicing Vinyasa yoga can actually improve your body posture and improve your physical alignment in a major way. It can also fill you with robust energy that helps you in many ways.
Increases mental focus and concentration
If you are trying to live a healthy life, it is important that your mind and body is perfectly aligned. Unless this is so, it will be difficult for you to have the best results from your efforts. There is no point in following a healthy lifestyle that only targets your body. With Vinyasa yoga, you can align your mind and body through focused breathing patterns. Heightened powers of concentration can also help in regulating your emotions and enable you to achieve success in your academic, professional and personal lives.
It can increase your lung capacity
Vinyasa yoga is strongly recommended for you if you have respiratory problems. It can boost your lung capacity so that you have no trouble breathing. This means you can cure asthma and numerous other respiratory issues with Vinyasa yoga. Since you will be focusing on inhalation and exhalation during breathing and take long breaths, you can use all parts of your lungs for breathing.
Improves your lifestyle
We often tend to make wrong lifestyle choices and this makes it difficult for us to have a positive health. Through Vinyasa yoga, you can start living healthily and make choices that can be good for your body and mind. For instance, you can eat better and sleep deeply. You can also stay healthy and happy so that the stress levels in your body get reduced. This can detoxify your body and help you to find inner peace. You can also become aware of your actions and choices and the way they affect you. This can empower you greatly as a person.

Vinyasa Yoga Images

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga1

Vinyasa Yoga1

Vinyasa Yoga2

Vinyasa Yoga2

Distinct elements of Vinyasa Yoga

Even though Vinyasa Yoga is regarded with great value these days in yoga training institute Kolkata West Bengal, it is still not well understood. Here are the primary characteristics that define Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

  • Vinyasa Yoga effectively connects a single posture to another with the help of breath. It can also be described as flowing into or linking postures and it is for this that Vinyasa yoga is often called “Flow Yoga”. Therefore the opposite of such a method of doing yoga would be to be a part of an alignment oriented class where the students perform a posture, then explore it for some time and finally break away from the posture once it is done.

  • It is “transitions” that connect multiple postures in Vinyasa together. They serve as in-between parts. However, what is not appreciated in many cases is that these transitions are also considered postures by themselves. In order to move more gracefully, it is important that you allot sufficient time in developing the skills of the transitions as the asanas & sequence themselves.

  • Move your body with breath as it is breath that initiates all movements associated with Vinyasa flow yoga. It is, for this reason, this form of yoga is often called “breath-synchronized” practice.

  • Vinyasa yoga is also synonymous with movement. Therefore it is important that you move in and out easily of postures. Even though that is the main and obvious movement, even in stillness the Vinyasa form of yoga is represented by beats of the heart as well as the inhaling and exhaling of breath. The poses of Vinyasa yoga focuses on alignment of the physical movements with the breathing process.

  • In this yoga, the breathing technique that is used is Ujjayi Breath. It is done simply by inhaling/exhaling in rhythmic manner with the nose. It produces a strong sensation of relaxation and helps one to achieve true inner peace and calmness.

  • The breathing patterns in this form of yoga also help to connect one type of pose with another. The practitioner smoothly flows from one form of yoga into another in order to reap the best results.

  • The good thing about Vinyasa yoga is that there are numerous variations of poses, which means that the practitioner never has to worry about getting bored. In most cases, the sun salutations form an integral part of the Vinyasa yoga.

  • Through Vinyasa yoga, the practitioner can develop strong awareness of the body and its various movements. The external movements that form the core of this form of yoga serves as an intimate expression of the way a practitioner thinks and feels in daily life.

  • Vinyasa yoga is ideal for a cardio workout.


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