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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a special form of yoga that is known to provide the practitioner with the most powerful results. The term kundalini refers to the serpent or snake, which is a symbolism of the energy within the practitioner that has not yet still manifested. The unique thing about kundalini is that everyone has this serpent power within them but they are totally unaware of its presence. When kundalini lies dormant, one has no idea of its existence. However, as the kundalini awakens, a person becomes more and more aware of his or her personal power. Just like a coiled up snake, kundalini represents a dormant energy that can be awakened. Once the kundalini is activated, strange and miraculous things can start to happen. Such unleashing of energy must be controlled and regulated in a systematic way so as to avoid any kind of mishaps. Kundalini awakening can work as a major step in personal evolution.




Spiritual aspects

One of the most critical areas that are changed by Kundalini yoga is perception. It is to be noted here that heightened states of spiritual energy can lead to enhanced states of perception. Yoga in general is aimed towards achieving such superior perception. The energy shifts that are achieved through Kundalini yoga can completely change the way a person thinks or feels. The whole significance of a spiritual process is to enhance perception as a practitioner is aware of only things that he or she perceives. The idea of kundalini is aptly described by the well-known symbolism of Lord Shiva and his snake which shows that his spiritual energies have attained the highest level and has opened his third eye.

Kundalini Yoga poses

Practicing Kundalini Yoga poses can be a great way to get rid of bad and destructive habits. It can also provide you with the mental strength you need to improve the quality of your life. Problems like mental anxiety, sleeplessness, depression as well as anxiety caused by some unknown factor can be resolved with the help of Kundalini Yoga. Some of the common poses associated with Kundalini Yoga are listed below.
• Bakasana
• Mandukasana
• Dhanurasana
• Ustrasana
• Bhujangasana
• Sahsrara


Here are some of the advantages of practicing Kundalini Yoga.
• Kundalini Yoga can help you to develop your inner guidance so that you can listen to your inner voice.
• It ensures a deeper connection with your soul and spirit as well as life in general. People who practice Kundalini Yoga also find that they have developed a deeper connection with the natural world.
• You can start living mindfully by being at the present moment.
• It can bestow you with increased vitality and strong inner wellbeing
• You can develop the strength to control your emotions, feelings and thoughts
• You can have increased levels of positive energy
• You can minimize stress and all negative emotions
• You can develop a strong spiritual connection in your life

How Kundalini yoga can bring inner transformation

The third eye is a spiritual eye that can be opened with the practice of kundalini. It enables a person to have access to a wholly new dimension of perception which means that he or she can process information in a whole new way. The two eyes we all have can only see the physical realm. However, if a person’s third eye gets opened, he or she can have access to a completely a new dimension of perception that is inward looking and looks at life in a completely different way. This can completely transform a person’s life and make it possible for him or her to view spiritual realms. Hence it can be said that Kundalini rising is one of the landmark spiritual events in a person’s life. Studying Kundalini signs of activation is therefore extremely necessary to monitor the progress made by a yoga student.

How Kundalini yoga is different and unique from other forms of yoga

Any yoga practitioner who wants to achieve the benefits of Kundalini awakening must also keep in mind that it is by far the most potentially dangerous method of yoga. It is also the most effective and potent form of yoga as well. While all other forms of yoga do make use of Kundalini energy in some form or the other, it is Kundalini yoga that deals directly with this kind of energy and perception. Therefore Kundalini yoga should never be attempted without the expert guidance of a highly experienced master. An experienced yoga teacher can not only guide a student about the ancient process of working with Kundalini energy but also monitor the symptoms of Kundalini activation. Only by having such proper guidance it is possible for a yoga student to reap the benefits of Kundalini yoga. This form of yoga can completely transform the practitioner’s life for good or for bad, depending on the way it is practiced. A yogic master with many years of experience can guide a student in the best possible way so that he or she can work with the enhanced spiritual energy that is released through Kundalini yoga.


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