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Focused Meditation

Have you ever wanted to practice meditation in order to get rid of stress and anxiety? Then it is of paramount importance that you start practicing focused meditation on a regular basis. In this style of meditation, you need to focus your attention intensely on some kind of sound, object or sensation. This is in stark comparison to another style of meditation where you need to clear your mind and remove your thoughts without any kind of definite focal point. One of the best things about focused meditation is that it can also be done without the help of a teacher or instructor. This means that you can easily practice focused meditation provided you have a calm and quiet place, some time in your hands and something to completely focus on.

Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation


What Is Focused Meditation?

The practice of focused meditation basically involves focusing intensely on something so that the inner chattering or dialogue can be silenced. This form of meditation can also help people to stay in the flow of the present moment. The classic meditation asks the practitioners to clear the mind without focusing on anything but focused meditation takes a different approach to train the mind. While this form of meditation still asks people to stay in the present moment but also focus completely on something such as a sound, smell, taste, visual element and tactile sensation. You can even focus on your own breathing and bodily vibrations. The process is very similar to mindfulness meditation techniques.

5 Steps

When you are looking to start your meditation, you must learn about the steps associated with focused meditation. Even though you might feel like it is difficult for you to master these steps at the beginning, it is important that you do not feel stressed about it as you will get the hang of it with time. You can start with short 5-short minute sessions at the beginning and then stretch it to longer durations as you progress. Make sure that you choose a place when you are not going to be interrupted. The good thing about focused meditation is that you can easily practice it whether you are at your home or your workplace.
One of the first things that you need to do is find a target that can work for you when you are looking to focus on something. Plenty of people prefer to focus on their breathing as it serves as the focal point of entry for meditative practice.
Sit upright in a place while making sure that your posture is comfortable. You can sit on a chair but make sure that your pelvic bones remain relaxed as you put your feet on the ground. In case you choose to sit on the surface of the ground, make sure that you support your body with a cushion. You may also try other ways to make sure that your thighs remain relaxed and that your spine always remains perfectly tall. You should keep your body relaxed without tending to fall asleep.
Now turn your focus to the target that you have chosen. Observe the minute elements that make up the object of your choice such as the sight, the smell, the sound or any other details associated with it. The goal is to not only think about the object but to experience it as a whole. As you focus on the sensations created by the target, you can achieve the goal of staying in the present moment. While you focus on your breath, observe the vibrations in your body as you gently inhale and exhale every time.
One of the main goals of this meditation is to calm the inner chattering of your mind. The internal monologue of your day to day life is not going to help you when you are meditating. However, it is natural that your attention going to wander and you will most likely start thinking about such matters during mediation. When you find yourself do so, gently bring your attention back to your chosen target. Eventually this can help you to silence the chattering in your head.
Stop worrying about the future or try to be perfect. A lot of people tend to get bothered that they are not being able to achieve the calmness that they set out to originally. Instead, make little progresses and then congratulate yourself about them. This can help you to achieve total calmness of mind in due course of time.

Benefits of Focused Meditation

Just like any other kind of meditation, focused meditation can also get rid of issues like mental anxiety, depression and stress. Moreover, since focused meditation gives so much emphasis on honing observation skills, a person gets to be a good observer in all facets of his or her life. This meditation can also strength memory to a great extent and negate the possibility of Alzheimer ’s disease and dementia. It can also induce positive moods and feelings in a practitioner and uplift the spirits. People who practice focused meditation on a regular basis find that they can learn new things easily, be it music, dance, art, painting or some kind of academic course.

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