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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation or TM can be described as a technique of meditation that can be used for removing distracting thoughts as well as promoting a completely relaxed state of awareness. This meditation was invented by late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who derived it from ancient Vedic texts in India. During Transcendental Meditation, an individual sits with his or her eyes closed and cultivates inner strength to transcend day to day, normal consciousness. Since the ordinary thinking mechanism is transcended, a person gets to develop a condition of pure consciousness. This can help the individual to achieve complete inner stillness, stability and along with a complete absence of all mental boundaries. Regular practice of transcendental meditation can get rid of chronic pains, anxiety, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Transcendental Meditation
Transcendental Meditation

How to Do Transcendental Meditation

It is important that you consult a teacher who can guide you through the steps of transcendental meditation. This form of meditation can involve the use of a mantra or it can be done silently. Here are some steps that you need to follow while you want to practice transcendental meditation.

  • Sit down in a perfectly comfortable chair and keep your feet placed on the ground. Gently place your hands on your lap. Make sure that you have your arms and legs uncrossed.
  • Now close your eyes as you take some deep breaths for relaxing your body.
  • Close your eyes and keep them that way for the next 20 minutes.
  • You must repeat a Sanskrit mantra silently in your mind.
  • Your mind may be tempted to wander. If that happens, do not get restless and return your focus to the mantra.
  • Gently ease yourself in your original mind frame after 20 minutes and open your eyes.
  • Sit for a couple of minutes and then you can continue with your normal activities of the day.


There are numerous benefits of Transcendental Meditation that make it one of the most popular practices among sportsmen, athletes, corporate professionals, authors, musicians, trainers and people from all other walks of life. So let’s have a look at some of those benefits.

Stress relief

Practicing Transcendental Meditation can greatly reduce the levels of stress you experience in your mind and body. This can also help you to improve your working efficiency as a whole. Stress is considered to be the most vital contributor to health problems and mind-body dysfunctions. Transcendental Meditation has been proven highly effective for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and it can also induce a deep sense of relaxation for the body and mind. It can also balance the functioning of the nervous system and the hormonal levels as well as enhance brain coherence. You can also train your mind with TM to not overreact to different types of stressful situations. Lowered stress levels also mean lower levels of cortisol which can eventually boost your immunity strength.

Enhanced academic performance

If you are a student studying in school or college, it can be immensely beneficial for you to practice Transcendental Meditation as it can improve the functioning of your brain and allow you to boost your cognitive and intellectual performance. This can also get rid of any kind of school-related depression, stress and anxiety and guarantee better test results. Students performing Transcendental Meditation regularly has been observed to refrain from negative school behaviour like restlessness and absenteeism.

Greater work efficiency

Corporate professionals in smaller as well as larger firms can benefit immensely by practicing Transcendental Meditation as it can enhance their leadership abilities, competency and effectiveness, improve the quality of professional relationships, mental stability to assure greater growth, positive health and overall job satisfaction.

Healthy blood pressure

One of the best benefits of Transcendental Meditation is that it can help in reducing blood pressure greatly. Individuals who have hypertension, heart disease and experience stress can have better health and well being when they practice Transcendental Meditation. Men and women of all ages can benefit from Transcendental Meditation. It also means that people can have increased lifespan when they practice this type of meditation.

Resolve the issue of alcoholism

Transcendental Meditation can help people to recover from their addiction to alcohol. By helping people to understand the root cause behind their alcohol dependency, Transcendental Meditation can resolve the problem of alcoholism. In fact, Transcendental Meditation has been proven to be the most effective method for treating alcoholism. This meditation technique can also ensure emotional well being for all the recovering alcoholics. Even chronic alcoholics having little to no financial, familial or social support can benefit from Transcendental Meditation.

Quitting smoking

Regularly practicing transcendental meditation is an excellent way to quit smoking. When you perform transcendental meditation, it can naturally guide and help you to get rid of this bad habit. As you get rid of stress through transcendental meditation, you automatically gain the strength and confidence to quit smoking. Compared to other types of programs meant to help people quit smoking, transcendental meditation has been proven to be most effective.

Reduced chances of heart diseases

Since transcendental meditation can reduce stress and blood pressure, it can also bring down the chances of heart diseases. People having cardiovascular conditions like atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure, left ventricular hypertrophy, myocardial ischemia and metabolic syndrome should practice transcendental meditation for better heart health. This type of meditation can reduce the possibility of strokes and heart attacks by 48%.

Hyperactivity (ADHD) treatment

Yoga teachers strongly recommend transcendental meditation for people suffering from ADHD or hyperactivity. Transcendental meditation can help to improve functioning of the brain to minimize hyperactivity so that people can have better quality of sleep, develop a greater sense of independence, excel in academic endeavours, develop better management skills and achieve happiness.

Improved intelligence

Transcendental meditation is one of the best ways to boost intelligence. Scientific data suggests that transcendental meditation can enhance the speed in which we process information. It can also significantly boost cognitive functioning which can improve social behaviour. If you are keen on developing a strong personality, then you should certainly transcendental meditation for the best results. It can also guarantee success in romantic and social relationships as well as work life. You can also develop skills like comprehension, curiosity, analysis, synthesis, unconventionality as well as risk calculation.

Weight loss

A lot of people having eating disorders as they experience high levels of stress. When you practice transcendental meditation, it lowers the stress in your body and this can streamline your eating habits. You will then stop eating just because you are stressful and then eat only when you are genuinely hungry. This can eventually help you to shed your pounds.

Rewarding relationships

When you practice transcendental meditation regularly, you get to have better and healthy relationships from all walks of life. Meditation results in a calm mind and positive feelings and this can help you to develop healthier relationships at work and at home.

Younger appearance

Transcendental meditation can help you to stay young for many years. You can look young, have greater levels of mental and physical energy and find yourself blissful and motivated. This can not only help you to get more out of your life but also keep you cheerful and curious about everything. It has been noted time and again that even a man of 50 years can look as young as 37 by practicing transcendental meditation regularly.

So now that you have learned about the technique and benefits of transcendental meditation, make sure that you practice it regularly for better health and well being.

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