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Dirga Pranayama

Dirga Pranayama is a highly effective breathing technique that allows people to reap the rewards of enhanced circulation of oxygen-filled blood throughout the body. Read on to find out more about Dirga Pranayama.

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What is Dirga Pranayama?

Dirga Pranayama is a powerful breathing exercise which helps practitioners to bring their breathing to perfection. It helps people to breathe in a way that the air reaches the abdomen and oxygen-rich blood circulate throughout the whole body. It can have a major transformative effect on the body and mind thus making sure that a person is able to achieve inner healing. Dirga Pranayama is also known as three-part breathe.

Steps of Dirga Pranayama

Follow the guidelines described below when you are looking to perform Dirga Pranayama.
• Firstly, sit in Sukhasana in the ground or lie down in Savasana pose. If you choose to lie down, keep your eyes closed and relax your body and your face. You may choose to bend your knees or keep your legs perfectly outstretched, whichever you prefer. Just go with the option that seems more comfortable to you.
• Start to observe the natural inhaling and exhaling process of your breath with a calm mind and do not try to change anything. Do not get attached to thoughts or your inner movements and reduce distractions to the bare minimum. Simply notice your thoughts and let them go without attaching to anything particular and then bring the attention back to inhalation and exhalation.
• Start breathing in and out deeply through your nose.
• On every inhale, focus on the way the air fills up your belly. Expand your belly as far as possible.
• As you exhale, smoothly expel all air out of your belly via your nose. Intensely draw the navel back close to the spine as you remove the air out of your belly.
• Now repeat this breathing technique for about 5 breaths. This is the first part of the whole pranayama.
• On your next inhale, gently fill up the belly with air. As you do so, focus on the way the air pushes and expands your ribcage from within.
• As you exhale, simply let go of the air firstly from your rib cage and feel your ribs compression. Next, expel the air from your belly while you draw the navel closer to the spine.
• Now repeat the deep breathing process for your belly and the ribcage for 5 breaths. This ends the second part of the pranayama.
• On your next inhale, breathe in the air as you feel your belly and ribcage expand. Now take in a little bit more air to fill up your upper chest and the collarbone. This enables your heart center to expand and rise.
• As you exhale, expel the air out firstly from upper chest and feel your heart center sinking back down to its original position. Then repeat the same with the ribcage and allow the ribs to come closer. Finally, expel the air from the belly while you draw your navel closer towards the spine.
• Keep performing these steps at your own comfort and pace until you develop the skill to perform the three different parts of Dirga Pranayama smoothly without any pause.
• Repeat these steps 10 times.

Performing Tips

Typically Dirga Pranayama is performed during the beginning and end of your yoga sessions. However, you need to practice this breathing technique right if you are to enjoy all of its benefits. It is true that practicing Dirga Pranayama regularly can rejuvenate and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit and help you to get more out of your life. Under any circumstances, do not put pressure or force on your lungs while breathing. Make sure that you feel comfortable while breathing in and out. Do not breathe in too deeply and see to it that you are relaxed and comfortable during the exercise. Resume normal pattern of breathing immediately if you feel anxious or dizzy. Always make sure that you perform this pranayama under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. It is also important that you practice Dirga Pranayama in an empty stomach.

The science

Breathing is considered the life force in yoga literature and improper breathing techniques can cause major harm to the body. It can also have a seriously devastating effect on the mind and spirit. It has been found that most people who suffer from depression, anxiety and melancholia actually have severe problems with their breathing techniques. Dirga Pranayama actually teaches people to breathe in the correct way so that the life force flows throughout the body in the way it is originally supposed to. This can make a person feel completely invigorated and energized from within. It can also help a person to have greater energy for all day to day work which allows people to have satisfactory lives. Regularly practicing this breathing technique can help to enhance mental focus, creativity and confidence. Dirga Pranayama also works well for people who are looking to work on their spiritual ascension. Since this breathing technique helps to prepare the body and mind for meditation, it can be an excellent way to activate the chakras and heal their energies.

Benefits of Dirga Pranayama

When you learn to practice Dirga Pranayama you actually learn to breathe completely and fully. Most health problems are caused by ineffective breathing techniques and this has emerged as a major problem in the modern world. Shallow breathing also referred to as chest breathing, can only enable the air to enter the upper chest area. Therefore the lower chest area remains deprived of proper air supply. This eventually leads to a lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood vessels and lead to strain on the heart and lungs.
As you learn to breathe deeply through Dirga Pranayama, it is going to increase oxygen supply in different parts of your body. It has been found that Dirga Pranayama can fill up your body with seven times more air than what you typically inhale in one session of shallow breathing. This is going to bring down your anxiety and stress levels. This breathing technique also helps you heighten your awareness of the present moment, thus helping you to calm your mind. Dirga Pranayama also serves as the foundation for numerous other yogic techniques and exercises, like cleansing kriyas and meditation. Practicing this breathing technique can help you to prepare your mind and body for meditation. It is also beneficial in your day to day life as it does not involve any special position or sound for achieving a sense of relaxation and grounded state of awareness.
Regularly practicing Dirga Pranayama allows a person to enjoy great inner peace and balance as well as overall wellness that can work effectively on many levels like the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As more oxygen flows into your brain, you can achieve enhanced sense of relaxation while at the same time remaining alert and focused. This pranayama can also help you to reduce the signs of panic attacks. Additional benefits of Dirga Pranayama include better sleep, increased energy levels, better digestion, enhanced detoxification of harmful substances, faster chemical processing within the body, prolonged mindfulness, balanced hormones, mental clarity, better hair and skin quality and inner bliss and happiness. It can also help you to lose weight in a holistic manner.
It is also quite simple yet effective which means that it can be practiced multiple times throughout a single day. You should keep the breathing process relaxed and easy so as to reap maximum benefits. The positive aspects of practicing Dirga Pranayama can be felt at all spheres of your daily life.

Precautions associated with Dirga Pranayama

Just like with all other types of breathing exercises, it is important to follow caution when you are practicing Dirga Pranayama. If you are suffering from a respiratory problem, such as emphysema or asthma, you need to consult a yoga and medical expert before starting to include this asana on your regular routine. They will be able to tell you if you are fit enough to perform Dirga Pranayama. While performing the pranayama, stop immediately if you experience signs or dizziness or fatigue. Do not overstretch yourself and stay within your comfort limits while you practice this breathing technique. If you have some other kind of medical condition, you should still ask your doctor before starting to practice Dirga Pranayama.
So now that you have learned everything about the benefits of Dirga Pranayama, start practicing it on a regular basis to achieve a health mind, body and spirit.

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