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Agnisar Kriya

Agnisar Kriya is one of the most important forms of pranayama that can be practiced by an individual. Along with Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Udgeet, and Bahya, it is considered with great reverence in yoga literature. This kriya and its breathing process help to regulate and balance the Manipura chakra. It functions as a great way to remove toxins from the body and enhance the immune system.

Agnisar Kriya Agnisar Kriya


Steps of Agnisar Kriya

Follow the agnisar kriya techniques closely as you perform this asana.

    • Sit in the Padmasana position and keep both your hands gently on your knees. Close your eyes and focus on your normal breathing as you sit in this position.

    • Slowly exhale and then stop it outside. Put slight pressure as you keep your hands perfectly straight on your knees.

    • Start contracting and expanding your stomach as you try to touch your naval deep inside.
    • Remain still in this same position as you inhale slowly. Keep on taking deep breaths as you stay stable.

    • The expansion and contraction of the stomach must be performed for at least ten times. You can start by doing it for around 5 minutes at the initial stages and then extend it gradually up to around 15 minutes.


Performing Tips

Agnisar Kriya must always be performed during the wee hours of early morning once you have cleared your bowels and have completed doing all the morning chores. If you want to perform this kriya in the evening, make sure that you do so at least four hours from having your meals.

In the winter months, Agnisar Kriya must be performed according to the procedure mentioned above. On summer days, Agnisar Kriya should be followed by 10 repetitions of Shitali pranayama.

While practicing Agnisar Kriya, a person should only eat pure and simple vegetarian food. It is important to avoid eating any kind of oily, fried, heavy, non- vegetarian food items. Additionally, smoking and consumption of alcohol must be avoided completely.

It is important that you practice this kriya according to your capacity. Never force yourself into doing this as it can lead to harmful results. No amount of air should get inside while you are exhaling.

Benefits of Agnisar Kriya

Here are the major benefits of Agnisar Kriya.

  • Agnisar Kriya is one of the best asanas to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It focuses on churning out the practitioner’s belly which can improve the abdominal muscles and get rid of digestive disorders. It is excellent pranayama for the abdomen.

  • Agnisar Kriya can help in curing lung disorders since it involves strong forceful rhythms of inhalation and exhalation. Such strong breathing technique empties lungs of phlegm and coughs thus ensuring smooth breathing.

  • The kriya helps to regulate fire element of the body which in turn helps to keep the energy levels high all day. It also maintains the warmth of the body and removes sleepiness.

  • The kriya plays a very important role when it comes to rejuvenating the organs which can also hinder the aging process. It can also help to retain youth for a long time.

  • Agnisar kriya helps to increase the blood flow within the body.
  • Agnisar basically serves an inner activity in which the digestive and abdominal muscles get churned out. This process helps to massage the internal organs, especially the belly.

  • This practice can stimulate the pancreas and liver thus curing obesity problems and diabetes.

  • It can also cure problems like tuberculosis and asthma.

Precautions and contraindications associated with Agnisar Kriya

  • Patients of a hernia, diarrhea, intestinal problems, and high blood pressure should never practice the Agnisar Kriya.

  • If you have recently undergone stomach operation, then you must not perform this kriya. Make sure that you start practicing it after at least a few months only under the professional guidance of a yoga master.

  • In case you experience feelings of physical distress and tiredness while practicing it, stop performing it immediately.

  • Patients having the ear, eye and nose problems must not practice this kriya.

Practicing Agnisar Kriya can help to cure diabetes naturally of your body and help in strengthening your inner organs. Practice this kriya only under the strict guidance of a professional yoga teacher.


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