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Bhadrasana is the perfect yoga asana for beginners. It is ideal for meditative purposes and the asana can also be maintained for long stretches of time. It can help to calm the mind, get rid of restlessness and achieve a sensation of grounding. When practiced on a daily basis, it can remove numerous ailments and also ensure a positive physical and emotional health. There are both basic and advanced versions of this pose, both of which should be practiced under the guidance of a yoga trainer.

Bhadrasana Bhadrasana


Steps of Bhadrasana

• In order to perform Bhadrasana, sit with the legs outstretched before you on the yoga mat or on the floor.
•Kneel down as you bend the lower legs backward so that they remain together; the big toes in your left and right foot must cross each other.

• For practicing Bhadrasana, lower your body gently on lower legs so that the thighs rest easily on your calves.
•Put your hands on the knees and focus your gaze to a point as you keep looking forward; keep your neck and head straight during this time.

•It is important that you maintain your breath properly while performing Bhadrasana. Deeply inhale and exhale as you sit in this position.

•Breathe gently as you close your eyes and focus your attention on eye center; keep your mind calm during the process.

• Maintain this position for few breaths as you perform Bhadrasana
• Now separate your knees as much as you can
• While separating your knees, make sure that your toes are touching the floor
•Separate the feet in a way that your buttocks and perineum rests flat on the floor just between your feet as you do this asana

• It is important that you don’t strain your legs as you separate the knees
• Place your hands on knees while you keep your palms downward
•As your body gets comfortable you may start practicing nasikagra drishti; concentrate on your nose tip as you do so

•Close your eyes for some time as they become tired; resume nasikagra drishti once again and maintain your gaze properly on your nose tip

• This is the last stage of Bhadrasana
•Beginners must maintain this position for about 5 to 7 minutes; you may also choose to do this asana as long as your feet and legs start to experience discomfort

•Advanced practitioners can maintain this pose for around 15 to 18 minutes or as long as they may want.

Preparatory Poses associated with Bhadrasana
Dandasana is the main preparatory pose that needs to be practiced before Bhadrasana.

Follow up poses

The main follow up pose that must be practiced after Bhadrasana is Anulom Vilom.

Performing Tips

Unlike some of the other types of yoga asana, the Bhadrasana can be performed with food in the stomach since it helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system. It is, however, important to follow the safety measures while practicing this asana. Practitioners should use sufficient cushioning while practicing Bhadrasana so that they remain comfortable at all times. If you are a beginner who feels uncomfortable with this pose, you should get out of it immediately. Similarly, people who are experiencing pain in their bodies must refrain from practicing Bhadrasana. In case you have doubts regarding your health, you should consult a medical expert prior to starting your practice of Bhadrasana. You should only practice this pose under the direct supervision of an experienced and trained yoga expert. It is always a good idea too on overexert your body while performing Bhadrasana and simply going with the flow. Make sure that you are aware of the various stretches that are associated with this pose.

The science of Bhadrasana

Practicing Bhadrasana can ensure the holistic well being for the mind and body of the practitioner. It is also ideal for men and women who are looking to explore their spiritual sides. The asana can reduce cognitive abilities and also improve the results of meditation. Since it helps to stimulate the various chakras of the body, it also ensures strong physical health which can help in pursuing spiritual goals.

Benefits of Bhadrasana

Here are the major benefits of Bhadrasana
• Practicing Bhadrasana can help in enhancing the flexibility of legs
• It helps to improve digestion
• The asana strengthens the thighs, backbone, buttocks, and hips
• It can activate the root chakra or Muladhara
• Useful in resolving respiratory problems like asthma
• Boosts functioning of the thyroid gland as well as the reproductive and abdominal organs
•It helps to stretch the ligaments and muscles which lead to intense excitation of proprioceptors. The activity of the respiratory system and heart are greatly stimulated through vegetative centers present in the hypothalamus.

• It improves the health of prostate, kidneys and the urinary tract.
• It can also ease delivery and labor during childbirth
• It stimulates the ovaries and removes frigidity
• This posture can help in resolving anal-rectal diseases, hemorrhoids and hernia.
• This asana can efficiently act on the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor as well as of the genital-urinary system. The asana also enhances the elasticity of articulations present in thighs and knees.
• The asana has been proven very effective when it comes to developing brain power
• It can greatly improve concentration and focus
•It effectively stimulates spinal nerves and also relieves pain in the neck and back; it can resolve sciatica as well

• It is highly effective when it comes to combating fatigue
• It is ideal for meditation since it can calm the mind as well as bring down mental activity
• It can remove symptoms of gastritis, acidity, and constipation
• The asana can improve bodily posture simply by realigning the rounded back and drooping shoulders
• Bhadrasana is also an excellent meditation pose for people who may find it rather difficult to perform classical poses like Siddhasana and Padmasana.
• Patients suffering from aching leg muscles and varicose veins can also perform Bhadrasana.
• Bhadrasana is widely practiced due to its spiritual benefits since it is among the four principal asanas that are mentioned in the classical texts associated with the practice of dhyana.

• It offers new vitality and vigor to the body.

Precautions and contraindications associated with Bhadrasana

Here are the main precautions and contraindications associated with Bhadrasana.

• Do not practice Bhadrasana if you have any kind of knee or hip injuries
• People having slipped disc problem needs to practice Bhadrasana very carefully
• Start practicing this asana mildly and then increase repetitions gradually as per your overall capacity
• While Bhadrasana is contraindicated for people having Sciatica, when practiced on a moderate basis it can help in relieving sciatic pain.

Bhadrasana is regarded by many as a spiritually complete yoga asana due to the many benefits that it has to offer for spiritual and physical health. So once you have decided that you are going to attain a healthy body and mind, start practicing Bhadrasana for the optimum benefits.


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