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Moorchha Pranayama

Moorchha Pranayama is an advanced pranayama or breathing technique that creates a strong sense of fainting in the practitioner. Such a sensation is associated with a feeling of floating and complete relaxation. Read on to find out more about this pranayama technique.

Moorchha Pranayama Moorchha Pranayama

What is Moorchha Pranayama?

Moorchha Pranayama is regarded as one of the most important forms of pranayama and is regarded highly due to its spiritual significance. The word Moorchha indicates “fainting” and therefore the name Moorchha Pranayama means “swooning” or “fainting” breath. In this form of pranayama, a person takes in the breath slowly and then retains it for an extended duration. Murcha or Moorchha means fainting or loss of sensation in Sanskrit. This form of pranayama or breathing technique involves complete and prolonged retention or pause of breath with chin locked close to the thyroid gland. Such a position is maintained as long as the practitioner experiences a state of almost fainting. Since this is an advanced form of pranayama, it is only practiced by men and women who have sufficient grasp over the other types of pranayama. When practiced correctly, people can experience an intense and prolonged sense of relaxed euphoria along with semi-conscious fainting.

Steps of Moorchha Pranayama

Here are the steps you need to follow while performing Moorchha Pranayama.

  • At first you must sit down on the ground by choosing a comfortable position. Keep your spine, head and neck completely straight.
  • Now concentrate your conscious mind in a spot between the eyebrows as this is the main centre of intuitive powers.

Steps of Moorchha Pranayama Steps of Moorchha Pranayama

  • Deeply and gradually inhale through your mouth.
  • Allow your conscious mind to merge within this focal point of intuition.
  • Tightly touch your chin to your jugular notch or the throat cavity.
  • Relax your Jalandhara Bandha and then slowly exhale or breathe out.
  • This gives rise to a positive feeling of complete relaxation and nonexistence which is similar to fainting.
  • Repeat this breathing pattern as many times as you are comfortable. For starters, you can do this about 9 or20 times and then take to 15 or 20 times as you get more used to it.

Performing Tips

It is to be remembered here that Moorchha Pranayama is an advanced form of pranayama. This means that it is not well suited for everyone. If you are looking to perform this pranayama you must first develop complete mastery over all the other forms of pranayama. Make sure that you perform this pranayama only under the careful attention of an experienced yoga teacher who can guide you at every step of the way in learning the steps of Moorchha Pranayama. At the beginning stages, it might take you some time to master the steps properly. If you feel seriously uncomfortable, come out of the pranayama immediately and report your sensations to your yoga teacher.

Just like any other form of pranayama or breathing exercise, Moorchha Pranayama can also be performed at any given time of the day. However, the best times for practicing it is during the early morning hours and in the evening. When you practice Moorchha Pranayama in the early morning, your minds are completely free of thoughts during that time and you get to benefit the most from practicing this pranayama.

The science

Moorchha Pranayama is one of the most powerful pranayama or breathing techniques which in turn can help you raise the spiritual consciousness of your inner being. The so-called fainting sensation created through this breathing pattern gives rise to an intense feeling of nonexistence. This means that you lose the sensation of the physical boundaries of your body and start to float. This gives rise to an almost unnatural feeling of euphoria and rapturous joy that you never get to experience in your day to day life. With regular practice, you can extend this intense state of relaxation all throughout the day.

In our normal day to day lives, we tend to define our existence through the ideas of separation and ego consciousness, both of which are related to each other. However, practicing Moorchha Pranayama can help you to go beyond that and feel a sense of tranquility which is possible through the loss of boundaries. The experience is akin to sleeping and you try to replicate that when you are awake. When you focus your attention to the outside world, you start identifying with your ego and physical reality. However, when you turn your gaze inward, you start identifying with a spiritual reality that is universal in nature. It also leads to the dissolution of ego and a merging with the higher consciousness. Due to this reason, Moorchha Pranayama is heavily recommended for people who are looking to raise their spiritual awareness. It is also highly effective when you want to awaken your Kundalini Energy. Kundalini Energy must be triggered with patience and care and the Moorchha Pranayama can provide you with effective results when you want to do so.

Benefits of Moorchha Pranayama

These are the main benefits of practicing Moorchha Pranayama.

  • Performing Moorchha Pranayama can help a person to achieve inner bliss and remain happy for prolonged periods of time.
  • It is also an effective form of pranayama for removing lustful feelings.
  • Body fats can be removed through this pranayama.
  • By practicing Moorchha Pranayama regularly, you can develop the ability to draw your mind inwards.
  • Weakness of muscles and headaches can be cured through Moorchha Pranayama.
  • This pranayama can provide a practitioner with a strong yet subtle feeling of euphoria.
  • Moorchha Pranayama can help in enhancing the overall mental energy of a practitioner.
  • Through this pranayama, the mind of a person is cleansed completely and the practitioner can experience strong feelings of nonexistence and extreme joy along with a sense of floating and the boundaries of the body disappearing. This pranayama makes it possible for thought patterns in the mind to cease which in turn gives rise to a sensation of complete nonexistence.
  • This pranayama can reduce mental tension, stress and insomnia.
  • It can be immensely helpful in awakening the Kundalini Shakti.
  • It leads to the dissolution of ago and enables one to surrender to the higher spiritual world.
  • It also provides the practitioner with an immense power to have control and mastery over thoughts and feelings.
  • Moorchha Pranayama can also prepare your body and mind effectively when you are looking to meditate and work on your inner spiritual essence.

Precautions associated with Moorchha Pranayama

Moorchha Pranayama is contraindicated for people suffering from heart diseases, unrestrained hypertension or high blood pressure, brain aneurysms and mental disorders.

By developing the inner ability to perform Moorchha Pranayama properly, you can attain numerous benefits for your mind, body and spirit. So start practicing this pranayama on a regular basis to achieve an unprecedented state of inner tranquility and bliss.

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