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Easy Freehand Exercises

Free Hand Exercise Benefits

There are many distinct easy free hand exercise benefits that you should know about. While it is true that out modern lives are pretty hectic and it is can be difficult for some people to make time. Easy Freehand Exercises is still advisable to take some time out every day and perform exercise as this can keep the mind and body perfectly fit and healthy. The easy free hand exercise for school students can not only keep young boys and girls to enhance their physical strength and flexibility but also keep their moods tranquil and happy.
• Easy free hand exercises can help in toning the internal organs and the muscles of the body.
• There are numerous free hand exercises that can enhance the blood circulation system of the human body and supply renewed oxygen in the various body parts. This can also enrich the body with fresh oxygen.
• You can shape up the core muscles of the body to improve resilience.
• The free hand exercises can also help you to enhance the muscles in your arms and legs.
• The exercises can also help you to burn extra calories and fight signs of obesity.
• They can also improve your heart health.

List of free hand exercises

1. Push ups
2. Plank
3. Squats
4. Leg lifts
5. Ab crunches

Free Hand Exercise Pictures

Push ups in Easy Freehand Exercises

Push ups in Easy Freehand Exercises

Plank in Easy Freehand Exercises Plank in Easy Freehand Exercises

sumo-squat in  Easy Freehand Exercises Sumo Squat in Easy Freehand Exercises

Leg lifts in Easy Freehand Exercises Leg lifts in Easy Freehand Exercises

Ab crunches in Easy Freehand Exercises Ab crunches

Easy Freehand Exercises video

Push ups:



Leg lifts:

Ab crunches:


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